Madison Lawson ♡

Madison is brand new to modeling, but can we talk about how she rocked this SHOOT??? Is she even new? Nope. I don't think so.

Rabia ♡

Test shooting with Rabia from the Dragonfly Agency.

A week ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Rabia from the Dragonfly Agency in Dallas, TX. The theme of our shoot was "Layers Montage" and in my vision, I wanted a lot of layers, very monotoned colors such as beige, white, black, with a pop of color, in a field/trees, which we got to achieve, and we got to play around with some more androgynous looks towards the end! We ran through a few outfits that the stylist styled, then we did a couple of on the spot/last minute outfits when it started getting darker outside.


I must say, the team I worked with for this shoot was amazing, and I want to give a special thanks to all of them for helping me out with this shoot. I will link everyones instagrams at the end of this post! 

Towards the end of golden hour, we were approached by a man while we were shooting in front of this theatre and he says to us "Do you guys want a green room to take pictures in?" and at first everyone was a little confused and on edge, but he was incredibly nice, and opened up the door for us to this room that was very 60's themed. Turns out, it was the back room to the Ridglea Theatre in Fort Worth, TX where all of the artists who perform there hangout! WHATTTTT!!!??? HOW COOL! The man gave me his name and number and gave me access to the building, plus the theatre for whenever I want to shoot there, and maybe I made a new friend? Who knows? Anyway, it was so sweet for him to offer that to us because we got a lot of awesome shots in there.

Here are the photos I captured from this shoot!






Anna, Texas.

My best friend and also a photographer Ashley, and I have been DYING to visit Anna, Texas! We finally found a day where we were both free to visit this town home to many abandoned houses, and fun places to urban explore. Two of our friends Andrea and Hannah decided to come along and model for us!! HOW FUNN!!! It turned out to be a fun girls trip to a spoopy small town! Sadly, we only found three abandoned houses to visit, but we also came across the cutest ice cream shop on the side of their only highway! We accidentally found the first house ever built in Anna, Texas, which was built by John L. Greer - who had a family of 11 kids. WOW! He named the town after his first born, Anna, and later became the mayor of this small town! Here are the photos that captured this fun adventure!

Aubrey ♡

Recently, I've been connecting with a couple of different modeling agencies in the DFW area and I've met and worked with so many lovely ladies!! Here are some photos from my first editorial shoot with a model from The Callidus Agency! Aubrey is so nice and down to earth. Working with someone with creativity and spunk really makes for wonderful photos! For this shoot, Aubrey needed beauty shots, however we didn't have a studio or strobes for artificial light, so we made the best of what we had! As you may know, I focus on using natural light in my photography. The sun is such an unbalanced element in photography (especially in Texas am I right????) and working with what you got really makes being a natural light photographer fun!! It's almost like you have to go with the flow and know what looks good. It's always a challenge and I love that!

. . .

Anyway, for her beauty shots we used a plain cream colored wall and a reflector to get those natural, beautiful shots!

Then later on when we were losing light and entering... Let's hear it guys... GOLDEN HOUR!!!! My favorite hour! I captured some more fun editorial fun shots! I can say it was a lovely and productive shoot. I got to meet and work with such a wonderful team, and capture some great shots!


This is where we started losing light, so the editorial begins! I wanted to capture a dark, moody, messy look. She ROCKED IT AS ALWAYS!!!

This is where we started losing light, so the editorial begins! I wanted to capture a dark, moody, messy look. She ROCKED IT AS ALWAYS!!!